Utopia is the new social experiment on tv. The reality serie is from Big Brother creator John de Mol. He is the owner of the Dutch media company Talpa Media. Utopia launched January in the Netherlands. The reality serie Utopia has a very strong start in the Netherlands. The first two weeks Utopia was good for about 1,2  million viewers each evening.

Fox eyed reality show for the summer

Utopia is eyed for a summer launch but that has not been set in stone and will depend on how quickly the network and Talpa Media select a location and a cast. The reality show will be shown on Fox.

What is Utopia

Utopia will feature a group of 15 candidates. Those people are totally isolated on an undeveloped location in the U.S. – for an entire year. The concept of the show, which airs daily in the Netherlands, has 15 participants working together for a full year to build a new society from next to nothing. Their progress is monitored 24/7. The show is built for multiplatform exploitation.

They have to create their own civilization.  They start only with a few dollars to get started. All the Utopia candidates have to vote each month on their unpopular candidate. The candidate with the most votes has to leave Utopia.

For each candidate that had to leave, a new one can get into the new civilization. Each candidate has to pay a guarantee to get in this reality show. If you have to leave the civilization by a voting round Talpa gives you the money back.

Utopia location in the Netherlands